4 Natural Remedies to get rid of Seasonal Allergies- FOR GOOD!

4 Natural Remedies to get rid of seasonal allergies for good

Sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion, sleepless nights – spring is in the air and so are pollen from flowers, grass, and trees. What a dilemma: you want to go out and enjoy the first warm weeks of the year but you’re housebound because your allergy is driving you crazy, making constant tissue supply one of your top priorities. What now? Rely on traditional meds? These often work, but they also come with nasty side effects such as unbearable fatigue or drowsiness. So, if you don’t want to switch one evil for another – how about looking into nature-based and/ or orthomolecular alternatives?

1) Take butterbur

As studies show, this European herb has proven to be extremely effective for the treatment of seasonal allergies: you only need four pills a day and can successfully control symptoms of hay fever with no side effects whatsoever!

2) Eat a spoonful of local honey daily

This will reduce sensitivity to the pollen found in your area. This actually works best as a preventive, but it will also support other measures you take to tame allergy symptoms.

3) Start juicing

Did you know that ginger is a natural antihistamine with great anti-inflammatory properties? Or that limes, too, act as anti-allergic agents which also neutralize toxins in your body? The same is true for cayenne pepper. I’d say it’s time to combine these three ingredients and turn them into a powerful allergy-buster:

Juice 1 green apple together with one peeled lemon and blend it with a small piece of fresh ginger (about 1 inch), a little bit of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of vitamin C powder until everything is really nice and smooth.

Pour the juice into a small glass (keep the rest in an airtight container in the fridge to drink the next day), hold your nose and down with it! Ok, this shot is pretty intense but if you have one per day about 2-3 weeks before your hay fever season begins, you won’t have any problems with watery eyes ruining your make-up!

4) Vitamin C megadoses therapy

I’m an orthomolecular nutritionist, which means I’m very pro-supplement. I’m totally convinced that vitamins & co. rock! One of my favorite vitamin cures is vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. Not only is vitamin C a great antioxidant, when taken in large doses, it also acts like an antihistamine. And this is how vitamin C megadoses therapy works:

Begin by taking a minimum of 5-6 grams of vitamin C daily, then slowly increase  the dose up to 20 – 25 grams per day. When you start hearing lots of intestinal noise – don’t panic, this is exactly what we want. You need to get close to your bowel tolerance level because this is an indicator for optimum dose. Decrease the total daily amount by a gram or two the next day and look what happens. If you don’t hear any noise, you can increase the dose again. Sometimes your intestines need a little getting used to large amounts of vitamin C, but for you to know that you’re taking enough of it to benefit from its healing properties, you need to stay just below the bowel tolerance threshold.

NB: Always divide the dose in many small doses throughout the day, or otherwise the vitamin C won’t be absorbed properly! If you have a sensitive stomach, you can also use magnesium or calcium ascorbate, which are non-acid forms of vitamin C.




Written by Nathalie Chantal de Ahna and posted with permission.

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna is an orthomolecular nutritionist & holistic longevity coach, superfood educator, blogger, and writer passionate about showing people how one can reach as much as 120 years in age and still be healthy, happy, and good-looking. Visit her blog, Simply Live Better, for holistic tips on wellness & beauty and find out more about living life “the orthomolecular way.” You can also connect with her on Facebook and twitter.

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  1. I never knew magnesium was vitamin C without the acid. I DO know th taking 500 mg of magnesium daily keeps me regular and seems to help with join inflammation. If I take half in t he morning an half before bed, along with vitamin E, I don’t have restless leg syndrome.

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